Marketing Infrastructure Value Addition And Rural Finance (MIVARF)

Marketing infrastructure value addition and rural finance is the project under COBAT which aimed to improve marketing infrastructure and rural finance to the community and to help member banks and communities to add value to the product and services that they offer through capacity building to both member banks and community members.

Goals and Methods
The goal of this project is to reach 2,000,000 people who do not have access to financial services, especially in rural areas.

This will be done through,

  • Expansion of financial services to rural areas through community banks.
  • Training of member banks management and staff especially on risk management and avail development deposit fund to the community banks with poor capital base.
  • Sharing infrastructure: CBs will have a shared central banking system which will reduce the high costs they are incurring.
  • Financial and other support to community banks, such as computer software system, mobile banking, education especially on finance, entrepreneurship and business.

MiVARF Partners
MIVARF partners are the government of Tanzania, World Bank and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

Government of Tanzania
International Fund for Agricultural Development
World Bank
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