Financial Services and Entrepreneurship for Youth (FiSEY)


Financial Services and Entrepreneurship for Youth is an established project supported by We Effect, focusing on providing financial services and entrepreneurship skills to 6,000 out-of-school youths in Tanzania.

The project objective is to enable youth to have convenient access to financial services and entrepreneurial skills through:

  • Financial education and entrepreneurial skills enhanced through COBAT members.
  • Supporting regulations for youth development are put in place to provide an enabling environment.
  • Appropriate financial products have been developed for youth.
  • Offering financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills to youth.
  • Empowering youth regarding gender, HIV/AIDS and environment issues.

FiSEY Goals and methods

  • To have increased economic opportunities for 6,000 youths (At least 50% of them are female) by 2015.
  • To have youths with convenient access to financial services and entrepreneurship skills.

The above will be attained through:

  • COBAT capacity being strengthened,
  • Supporting regulations/policies for youths being developed,
  • Developing appropriate products for youths,
  • Financial literacy, business development and entrepreneurship skills being enhanced among youths,
  • Youth empowerment on gender, HIV/AIDS, and environment being improved.

FiSEY during its starting phase in 2013, 2000 youth benefited in Northern zone and Dar es Salaam, and then in 2014, 2000 youth benefited from this project in the soth.

After northern zone and Dar es saalam in 2013, then Njombe, Iringa and Ruvuma 2014 now Mtwara and Kagera Youth be ready for 2015 programme in which more than 1000 youth are expected to benefits from this projects.

Innovative Grants

COBAT through FiSEY programme introduces innovation grants/awards to youth in Tanzania for writing a well thought and practicable business plan.

A youth with a well written business plan will be selected from each region with a community bank, or a proposed community bank so that 10 youth will benefit from this fund. Up to 2.3million for each winner will be provided.

Training on value addition and market linkage

This aims to reach 2000 youth in Tanzania providing them with the knowledge on value addition and marketing linkage to enable them to survive in this competitive environment.
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