Community Empowerment through Financial Services (CEFiS)

This project focuses on supporting COBAT and its member banks to enable them to provide financial services and entrepreneurship skills to over 1,200,000 women and men all over Tanzania by 2016.

The objective is to have improved access to financial services by women and men for poverty reduction and to have sustainable member-based organizations providing conveniently accessible and affordable financial services to the underserved.

The project output are based on strengthen COBAT, strengthening of member community banks, financial literacy to be raised, new products and enterprises to be developed, risk management practices to be enhanced, lobbying and advocacy to be intensified, along with broader awareness about cross-cutting issues.


Goals and methods

We expect the number of people with access to community banking services will increase from the current 480,000 to over one million by the year 2016.

Trainers will be given special skills in entrepreneurship and financial education to enable them to develop groups of grassroots community members in their bank markets, strengthen SACCOS, as well as developing new community groups every year. Community participants are expected to be a torch to others.

CEFiS Status current and future events

Among the activities that shall be conducted under this project currently and in progress up to the end of 2016 are as follows;

  • Strengthening COBAT.
  • Strengthening 13 member community banks, rising to 35.

Raising level of financial literacy

  • Improving development capacity for new products and enterprises.
  • Enhancing risk management skills.
  • Increasing lobbying and advocacy effectiveness.
  • Intensifying implementation of cross-cutting issues

COBAT started working with SCC in mid-2011 under the Community Empowerment through Financial Services (CEFiS) project, initially focussing on Northern Tanzania but later expanded to eight regions of Tanzania

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