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The vision of COBAT is “to have Communities with convenient access to appropriate and affordable financial services’’
The mission is “to facilitate the establishment of economically sustainable community banks in districts of Tanzania’’.
Patriotism, Empathy, Innovation, Professionalism, Integrity, Humility, Team Work Grand Strategy Market Development for existing and proposed community banks.
Services that the Association offers to its present members and promoters of new Community Banks are, Build capacity to Banks staff and clients Create a network between existing community banks and organize exchange programs for broader member benefits in and outside the country. Review policy documents and operating systems on behalf of community banks.
Conduct research on new product and services for the benefit of members Negotiate for more competitive business terms with various services provider on behalf of member community Banks. Advocate and lobby for a well balanced and enabling operational environment to relevant authorities. Reduce set-up costs for new community banks projects (support with feasibility studies, business plan preparation, preparation of necessary documents needed by the Bank of Tanzania, recruit senior staff of the banks, acquire bank software on behalf of the banks and other services needed by the banks. Integrate newly-established community banks into an established network of community banks.
CoBAT has a responsive and flexible experienced team of proffessionals at the Secretariat and among all ten members, mainly in Banking, Finance, Accountancy and ICT, that is fully motivated and well commited. Team composition stimulates a general awareness of team effectiveness for the better perfomance of community banks in Tanzania.
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